A design studio for the environment we inhabit. Objects, spaces and concepts that come alive through purpose and materials. Creating meaningful connections between people and their surroundings.

Five years after the opening of the first dental clinic and two years after the opening of its neighbor one, the two dentists decided to merge in one space and partly invite a third collaborator. Rare Encounters envisioned the 125m² space as the broadening of the two existing spaces into a a more welcoming and playful one. The two doct...  [more]

Nostalgia for domestic travels and discoveries within the greek landscape is the key element to initiate this colour research. The sceneries we miss when we nestle at home and the places we would rather be at are translated into interior colours. The strongest elements of each s… [more]

Chairs, carpets, lamps, desks… everything in our rooms nowadays has a certain name, a clear function, a fixed position. Fundamental qualities of interior living -such as tactility, cosiness, materiality- are being neglected and gradually extinct. Rooms have become too real. By creating a trilogy of pi… [more]

A visual narrative of the creation and death of an extraterrestrial civilisation. From the boom of birth, to the ruins left behind the nocturnal realms is the staging of iconic pieces of a high-end jewellery collection. Scenography is used to translate content and elevate the aesthetic value of the brand. Rare Encounters w… [more]

Sporades consist of four islands; the playground; the meditation pavilion; the reading and relaxing area and the theatrino where events and gatherings are organised. All elements are constructed out of reclaimed material of the local wood industry. The provided material comes… [more]

Rug Metaphor is a piece of furniture that celebrates everyday life. It is inspired by and aims to comfort the body while working or being still and relaxing, We have created this textural rest as a functional accessory that through its tactile surfaces accommodates and warms the fe… [more]